Doing your internship at InnoSportLab de Tongelreep

Do you want to make a real difference in the professional swimming sport during your internship? InnoSportLab de Tongelreep is looking for new ambitious talents who want to give their peak  performance during their internship. We offer a unique internship in a professional sports environment. Besides your own research you take part in the daily activities of InnoSportLab: the preparation and execution of measurement, the execution of analyses and the solving of swim-related business problems. Maybe you will even be helping with the race analyses of the Dutch team during the SwimCup, the most important swim races in The Netherlands.

We request:

  • A proactive attitude
  • Commitment and effort
  • Flexibility
  • Independence

Do you think you fit with this request? Look below or contact us to look if there is a suiting assignment for you to apply for!

Do you have great skills in organization and do you work structured way? Do you know how to tackle a business problem and are you a real administrative jack-of-all-trades? Contact us for the internship as an office assistant. Your work will include:

  • Scheduling appointments internally and externally
  • Take notes at meetings
  • Prepare declarations such as travel expenses
  • Invite and receive guests
  • Keep track of various stocks
  • Drawing up schedules and schemes

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Optimize reports

At InnoSportLab de Tongelreep we measure periodically for the Olympic team, Paralympic team and youth team. The measurements will be executed by a fixed protocol and reports will be automatically generated by a Matlab script. We would like to use Python instead of Matlab for the measurements in the future. So we have a job offer for a versatile programmer who can transfer the script from Matlab into Python. Is this too little of a challenge? Maybe you can improve the script so we will be better able to link the results or you can improve the whole process from analysis to report!

Programming game forms for interactive swimming

At InnoSportLab de Tongelreep we think swimming lessons are very important! This is actually the first moment children get in touch with swimming and sports in general. An expressed possibility to get children enthusiastic for this sport! We are convinced that the swimming lessons have to be close to the experience world of children and try to make the swimming lessons as fun as possible by adding interactive games! Do you like to experiment with Arduino’s, lights and sensors? Do you want to use your knowledge and passion to create an amazing new product for the swimming lessons? Contact us!

Analyse dashboard

At InnoSportLab de Tongelreep we do a lot of different analyses, such as start analyses, turning point analyses, sprint analyses, race analyses and underwater phase analyses. After a day of measuring, a whole team of analysts is ready to execute the analyses. For the staff of ISLT it is important that the progress is monitored clear. That’s why there is a made up start for an analyses dashboard. In this dashboard the analyses can be linked to analysts and a clear view of what has to be done is given. Also all kinds of data about quality and speed will be saved so the process can eventually be improved. Can you help us with this? Contact us!

To measure is to know!

During a strength training, video feedback could be very interesting. In particular when, on the basis of videos, we link data to the athletes and trainers. At ISLT we are working on a video feedback system for strength training. Are you a real programmer in Matlab or Python and are you practical oriented? Then this is the perfect assignment for you!

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Online profiling InnoSportLab de Tongelreep

At InnoSportLab de Tongelreep we work together with important institutions, such as the KNZB, big swimsuit brands and start ups in the swimming sport. They find more and more their way to the InnoSportLab. We are convinced that the unique facilities we offer aren’t as known as we want them to be within our potential target group of customers. Our target group mostly consists of other swimming pools, instructors, swimming clubs, swimming bonds, swimmers and producers of training tools. Do you want to improve our brand awareness, improve our findability or give our social media a boost? Contact us!

Swimming lessons of the future

Almost every child in The Netherlands goes to swimming lessons, but very few of them eventually choose swimming as their sport. That is weird, right? To change this we work with other companies to develop fun, modern and interactive tools for swimming lessons. Would swimming schools like to buy these tools? And do they have budget to invest in these tools? In this internship assignment you will make a business plan for one or more of the products we are developing.

Contact us by sending an e-mail to


Skills are an important part in a swimming race. A good start, turning point, finish or underwater phase can make the difference between winning and losing! At InnoSportLab de Tongelreep we always have questions about how to perform these skills at best. With a camera system, starting block and touchpads with a force platform to stop the clock we have an excellent measure facility for this. An example is the question we want to know the answer of: What is the difference in power signal between good and less good starts and turning points? We have suited questions and assignments for any kind of internship.

Important skills

  • Matlab
  • Biomechanics
Swimming technique

The biggest part of a swimming race consists of swimming above the surface. At InnoSportLab de Tongelreep, until one year ago, we have mainly focussed on the skills part. With the arrival of a unique 3D video system in our training pool we now also have the facility to do research in the swimming stroke. With this video analysis we can visualise the stroke pattern in three dimensions. What does the perfect swimming stroke look like? What is the variation in a swimming stroke within people in different conditions? Do you want to be one of the first researchers in the world who will work with this system? Contact us!


What does the ideal race set-up look like? This is an extremely difficult question to give an answer to, but none the less important. We at InnoSportLab have an extensive database with race analyses of both Dutch swimmers as their competitors. We are looking for an intern who wants to tackle every problem and wants to do research in how professional swimmers set-up their race. And is there a difference between the absolute top and the sub-top?

Important skills

  • Statistics
Talent identification and development

To be successful in the long term in the international swimming, it is for a small country as The Netherlands extremely important to notice talent at a young age. After noticing the talent it is important to let them evolve so they can reach their highest level of performance. For this reason we would like to know how a talented swimmer differs from a less talented swimmer. Do you want to do your internship research in talent defining criterion within the swimming sport? Do you think it is interesting to do research in how these talents have to be guided? Contact us!

Important skills

  • Statistics

Contact us by sending an e-mail to

After the start or a turning point in a swimming race you are allowed to swim for 15 meters under water. Swimmers use the dolphin kick technique during this time. We at InnoSportLab de Tongelreep are doing a research in the best technique of this dolphin kick for the swimmers of backstroke and freestyle, by using our camera system, drag system and bubble system. Do you think biomechanics & fluid mechanics are interesting? Do you like to do measurements & research with people? Contact us!

Important skills

  • Fluid mechanics
  • Biomechanics

Contact us by sending an e-mail to

Internship assignment unlimited swimming

Supervisor: Alja Huibers

For the project ‘Unlimited swimming’ we are planning to make swimming lessons more accessible and more fun for children with an intellectual disability. Besides the instruction videos we made, we have two other innovative instruments we would like to use during swimming lessons. Here, these are the instruments you will be working with.

  1. Led Tile Game

An extern company developed the Led Tile Games, including a short manual. We are planning to find ways in which this product could be integrated in the swimming lessons. Games for this product will be invented, tested and evaluated.

Make a plan to implant led tile games

Think of a way in which we can use the led tile games during swimming lessons. Keep in mind that it has to be suitable for intellectual disabled children. What do they specifically need? You will do an in-depth investigation on how the swimming lessons are carried out now and identify the step-by-step plan of the these lessons. You will find out ways in which the Led Tile Games can be applied to the current swimming lessons.

Prototype testing

Go through the manual of the prototype. Think of how games can be executed with the prototype. Otherwise the producer will be asked to program specific games in the tiles. If you succeed this, try out the tiles by yourself. Look if the games work, are fun to do and gain the effect you want to reach. Now there are two formats available: 8×8 and 16×16. Find out which size is the best for each game and give arguments to explain why.

Write a script

Write an extensive manual for the use of the Led Tile Games and how to apply the games. Make for every game a chapter in which is extensively described how to use the Led Tile Games, possibly with variations. Tip: use an image to make it more understandable. Make sure that it’s clear when these games will be applied within the swimming lessons. For that reason you have to write down what’s the aim of the game.

      2. Led Hare

An extern company developed the Led Hare, whereby there are lights in the bottom. You can set the speed of the lights or make games whereby the swimmer has to swim to certain lights.

Prototype testing

Investigate if the first version keeps working under water. The material of the Led Hare could be affected by the chlorine or the big weight in the water. Test a whole week if the system still works under water.

Think of activities/games

Think of how the Led Hare can be used during the swimming lessons (for intellectual disabled children). Besides that think about how the Led Hare can be used during other activities (such as competition swimming practises, swimming lessons with school, free swimming and other sports)

Write a script

Write an extensive manual for the use of the Led Hare and how to apply the activities. Make for every activity a chapter in which is extensively described how to use it, possibly with variations. Tip: use an image to make it more understandable. Make sure that the aim of the product and where the product can be implemented is clear.

  1. Tutorial writing

It is our intention to let swimming schools use different (innovative) instruments to make the swimming lessons more assessable, more fun and clearer for children with an intellectual disability. The opportunities we offer are: instruction videos, video feedback programmes (winnercam?), Led Tile Games and Led Hare. The intention is that there will be a tutorial in which the aim and the advantages will be explained and, for every part, one on how it will be used. The intention is to make it as interesting as possible to use what was prior said. It does not have to be too extensive, but is has to be clear enough and attractive in use.

Extra assignment:

Organising a brainstorming session. Hereby it seems to be interesting to invite some experts to brainstorm about some of the above. Discuss about possibilities, aspirations, needs, knowledge and skills. Think for example of a swimming instructor, swimming trainer, owner of a swimming pool, other possible sports trainers, experts by experience (mentally handicapped children or their parents), interns, programmers for implementation of the equipment, product developers and so on.

For sport studies there are in consultation a lot of possibilities. Contact us by sending an e-mail to

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