The best hardware and our self-developed software run by our professional staff will take your swimming to the next level.
Here is a facility which offers the systems, analysis and coaching service to upgrade your performance. Our laboratory is capable to measure and give you precise feedback about active drag; turning, start and stroke technique; forces, hydrodynamics and water resistance among others. Scroll down to get to know more.
Gathering the data is not enough. It is also necessary to give you technical feedback from expertise staff in human kinetics who are also used to use our systems and deal with the data. Our staff is not only going to provide you live feedback but will also design a specific analysis report with the most important points to be improved which you may use for your training or your device’s update.

3D System

cameras solidly installed on the floor, whereby images from every direction will be available and combined with the related software, creating a 3D image.

Live feedback

Watch and analyze the slow-motion videos directly during the practice. The start, turning or stroke. Get a full insight!

Bubble system

A system to visualize and analyze the motion-flow all around the swimmer in practice.

MAD System

The system can measure active resistance/drag by measuring the push-off force of the swimmer during freestyle swimming.

Starting block

Get the deepest look at your start. Angles, forces, style, accuracy, water-path… everything counts!

Many others

Many other systems we use in combination to obtain as much data as possible and provide the best solutions for the swimmers, coaches, clubs, and companies.


In top-level swimming, there is often a small difference between winning and losing so,
How can you and your coach bring to your regular training this level of preciseness?
We are capable to help you to find out up to one+ second in different points to gain within a couple of analysis days. This, for sure, may depend on every concrete case.
We can also help to find your best talent within your young promises. Our talent recognition programme is fully focused on understanding the key factors related to the growing of athletes, gathering and studying data from many subjects. Do not hesitate in asking for this option.
Our facilities are daily used by the Dutch national swimming club and often visited by other national clubs all over the world… Do not get yourself out of the game!


How many applications our systems have? Really a lot!
Of course, all this bunch of measuring systems can analyze so many factors within the water, that we are often required by the top swimming brands to measure their new swimming suites efficiency or device performances. But this is not the only case since there are many start-ups, small and medium companies which also come to get to know better the real performance of their devices which is difficult to know if you do not count in such an environment as we have.
And so, as we are gathering companies within the swimming world, it becomes possible to help to find partners, investors or collaborations. And since the collaboration has been always been so important for us, we are taking care of promoting this new chances within our clients.


During the years we have been working, we have developed a close relationship with many universities. This win to win relationship provides us with both, fresh ideas and wise knowledge which help us out to create new systems, analyze data or perform new research at the same time a great scientific environment is being created for the universities and students in order to bring to reality their investigations and studies.
We are proud to have achieved these relationships and keep working on the mentioned line, not only with Netherland’s universities but also many others from different countries, what brings international activity to our LAB making it a better place for self-development.

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Remember we are offering our systems and services for different porpuses to different groups which include,
– National, professional and other clubs (big groups)
– Individual or small groups of swimmers and coaches
– Devices and swimsuits performance test

The duration of the test may vary from some hours up to several days, depending on your needs.

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