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PhD Project- Tumble turn measurements for elite and sub-elite swimmers

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PhD Project- Tumble turn measurements for elite and sub-elite swimmers

After the physiological measurements we continue with the measurements that are part of our Human Movement Scientist Paul Koster’s PhD, to focus mainly on turns, especially during freestyle swimming.

The project is based on two main objectives. The first objective is based on verifying the difference in the angles between the segments of the body, through sensors placed on the swimmer’s body (back, arm, forearm, lower leg, and ankle) during the slide phase into the underwater phase, beginning with a freestyle somersault with elite and sub-elite swimmers.

The second objective is based on calculating the trajectory that the swimmers make in the pool, considering the information previously collected from the back, arm and forearm, we will be able to check the resistance, every second, and the effect of the resistance on the swimmer.

In order to carry out the measurements we need a total of 25 volunteers to perform these tests. At the moment we only have 12 volunteers which means that we are still in search for volunteers.

If you would like to be part of this project you can register as a volunteer by sending an email to or register yourself through this Excel sheet if you have the following requirements:

-You have experience in competitive swimming.

-You are over 16 years old.

Swimmers who participate will receive underwater videos from the turns they made during the measurements.

These measurements will finish at the end of June but this could be extended for another week. Afterwards, data will be analyzed by our graduate students Human Movement Sciences, Marlies Wilkens and Kim Vos. The goal is to finish the reports before the first weeks of September 2022.