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Do you want to join our team?

Do you have a passion for swimming and are you interested in improving the practice of learning to swim in young infants? And are you interested in a PhD? Then we have a four-year research project for you, entitled: "The swimming lessons of the future".

See below for the vacancy text.

We zijn altijd opzoek naar nieuw talent. Een open sollicitatie is dus altijd welkom.

You can also gain work experience through one of our work experience positions.

PhD position “Learning to swim in the new era”

Do you have a passion for swimming and are you interested in improving the practice of learning to swim in young infants? Did you complete an MSc degree in the field of Human Movement Sciences or related area, and would you like to work in a multidisciplinary team of professionals in sports and academia on a topic of great practical and societal significance? Then please do apply.

Job description

InnoSportLab De Tongelreep at Eindhoven is offering a 5-6-year junior research position together with the Department of Human Movement Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Dutch National Water Safety Council, focusing on the acquisition of swimming skills in young infants. The aim of the project is to compare the effectiveness of learning, training and teaching methods that are or might be used to help young infants acquire swimming skills, not only in terms of the process of skill acquisition as such, but also in terms of enjoyment and affinity with swimming. The project is expected to contribute to current theories of motor learning by investigating their relative strengths in the under-researched context of swimming. In addition, the project is expected to contribute to the improvement of current practices in the Netherlands aimed at the acquisition of swimming skills in young children. The PhD-student has to demonstrate competence in setting up, conducting and reporting, and will be supervised in this regard by a team consisting of a mix of scientific researchers, embedded scientists and swimming professionals. Applicants are expected to have experience and/or affinity with measuring human movement and running experiments on human movement and, ideally, motor learning. In addition, they should have a proactive, entrepreneurial and passionate attitude with regards to sports in general, and, ideally, swimming in particular. The project member conducts the research as independent entrepeneur (i.e., zzp’er) and will be compensated as such. He or she is expected to contribute 3 to 3.5 days a week to research project and to complete the thesis in 5 to 6 years as an external PhD-student (i.e., buitenpromovendus). In the remaining time, and in consultation, the project member can perform additional duties, such as teaching swimming lessons.


  • A completed MSc degree in the field of Human Movement Sciences or related discipline (e.g., with a track on human movement sciences);
  • Knowledge and expertise in the field of motor control and learning;
  • Experience with measuring human movement and running experiments on human movement, and, ideally, motor learning; 
  • Affinity with sports (in particular swimming or football) is an advantage;
  • Sufficient analytical and programming skills in R, Python or Matlab
  • Adequate statistical background
  • Proactive and entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Good (academic) writing and reporting skills; 
  • Good command of the Dutch and English Language (mandatory); 
  • Good communication skills ability to work in an interdisciplinary team. 
  • Flexibility to work not only during office hours when needed

For the PhD-track an educational plan will be drafted that includes attendance to courses and (international) meetings.

What are we offering?

  • Young and dynamic team
  • Access to state-of-the-art measurement facilities
  • Access seasoned teachers and trainers in the realm of youth swimming


Are you interested in this position? Please apply by sending your curriculum vitae and cover letter by e-mail to the secretariat - Fieldlab Swimming: until 30/06/2021, 23:59.

Vacancy questions

If you have any questions regarding this vacancy, you may contact:
Prof. dr. Peter Jan Beek, 06-39659365, email:;
Dr. John van der Kamp, email:;
Drs. Roald van der Vliet, 06-21271064 or during office hours 040-2381153

Do you want to gain practical experience?


Do you want to make a differene during your internship and add something to elite swimming? InnoSportLab de Tongelreep is continuously looking for new ambitious talents who want to deliver a top performance during their internship! We offer a unique internship in a top sports environment. In addition to your own research, you participate in the daily activities of InnoSportLad de Tongelreep, preparing and performing measurements and tests, developing analyses and solving swimming-related issues. Maybe you can also help with competition analyses for the Dutch team during Swimcups, the most important swimming competitions in the Netherlands.

We ask:

  • A proactive working attitude
  • Commitment and effort
  • Flexibility
  • Independence

Are you organisationally a boulder and do you work in a structured way? Do you know your way around and are you a real administrative jack-of-all-trades?  Then respond to our internship for an office assistant. Your work will include:

  • Scheduling appointments internally and externally
  • Taking notes at meetings
  • Drawing up declarations such as travel expenses
  • Inviting and receiving guests
  • Keeping of various stocks
  • Drawing up plans and schedules

Contact us by sending an email to

Opdracht: Ontwikkelen zwemles van de toekomst, van prototype naar product

InnoSportLab de Tongelreep also innovates the swimming lessons! We have several
prototypes in our lab that are ready for you to work with! Think of lights with
sensors, interactive tiles and LED lights. In a project team we try to
to go from prototype to finished product as well as possible. Much remains to be done to achieve this:

• Expand arrangement of game forms
• Draw up a business plan and a marketing/communication plan
• Testing of games/products in a test environment or swimming lessons

Do you want to come work with us? Then react quickly and join our team.

We are looking for trainees for these assignments throughout 2020 and are open to
different academic years/directions and internship periods.

Assignment: Programming game forms or building an app for the swimming lessons of the future

Do you like to tinker with arduino's, lights and sensors and do you want to use your knowledge and
passion to develop a super cool new product for swimming lessons? Or are you
a real programmer and you'd rather keep it with building an application or the
writing a piece of software to make these swimming lessons more fun? Then react now!
We are looking for trainees for these assignments throughout 2020 and are open to
different academic years/directions and internship periods.

Contact us by sending an email to


At InnoSportLab de Tongelreep we work together with important parties such as the KNZB, major swimwear brands. Start ups in the swimming sport also find their way better and better to De Tongelreep. We are convinced that the unique facilities we have to offer are still insufficiently known within our potential target group of customers. Our target group includes swimming pools and instructors, swimming associations and federations, swimmers and manufacturers of training aids. Would you like to increase our brand awareness, increase our online findability or boost our social media channels? Then apply quickly!


Almost all children in the Netherlands take swimming lessons, only very few of these children eventually choose swimming as a competitive sport. Pretty crazy, isn't it? To change this, together with other parties we are developing fun, modern and interactive tools for swimming lessons. But are swimming class providers really waiting for this? And do they have the budget to invest extra in these tools? In this internship assignment you will make a business plan for one or more of the products we are currently developing.

Contact us by sending an email to


Skills are an important part of a swimming competition. A good start, turning point, finish or underwater phase can be the difference between winning or losing! At InnoSportLab de Tongelreep we always have questions about how these skills can best be performed. With a camera system, starting block and turning plate with force platform we have excellent measuring facilities for this. An example of a question to which we try to find an answer: what is the difference in force signal between good and less good starts and turning points? We have suitable questions and assignments for both work placements and graduation internships.

Important skills:

  • Matlab
  • Biomechanica

The largest part of a swimming competition consists of swimming on the surface. At the InnoSportLab de Tongelreep we focused mainly on those skills until about a year ago, with the arrival of our unique 3D video system in the training pool we now also have the facilities to research the swimming stroke. From the video analysis we can determine the stroke pattern in 3 directions and visualize it. What does the ideal swimming stroke look like? What is the variation in a swimming stroke within persons in different conditions? Would you like to be one of the first researchers worldwide to work with this system? Then contact us!


What does the ideal race layout look like? This is a question that is difficult to answer, but no less important. At ISLT we have an extensive database with race analyses of both Dutch swimmers and competitors. We are looking for a trainee who wants to bite into this and investigate how top swimmers classify their races. And is there a difference between the absolute top and the subtop?

Important skills:

  • Statistics

In order to be successful in international swimming in the long term, it is extra important for our small country to be able to recognise talent in time and to develop it in the best possible way so that they can reach the top. For this we would like to know what distinguishes a talent from a less talented swimmer. Would you like to do research during your (graduation) internship into talent determining factors in swimming? Or do you find it interesting to investigate how we should support these talents? Then contact us quickly!

Important skills:

  • Statistics

Contact us by sending an email to

Assignment: Implementing technology in the swimming lessons.

Are you a 3rd or 4th year student of electrical engineering or movement technology and would you like to be in a
an innovative swimming environment and develop your knowledge about sensors and bluestone and
apply it in practice? Are you interested and motivated to take up a challenge in
the functioning of technology in water to make children move more? Then
we are looking for you!

How cool is that? Children playing games with LED hoses and interactive tiles on the bottom during swimming lessons.

We are looking for trainees who, as of January 2021, will be able to work with this in an independent manner.
Do you recognise yourself in the above? Then react quickly and before you know it you are working
in the most technological and scientific swimming pool in the world!

Contact us by sending an email to

Assignment: To draw up a financial plan for the implementation of technological innovations that
can be used, among other things, for swimming lessons

It's all very nice to have such a product for swimming lessons, but how do we make it financially
achievable in the longer term? Who is going to pay for this and how can we reach these people?
Are these questions you would like to answer by working out marketingplan
for implementing our innovative products for swimming lessons
or our test environment? Let us know, and before you know it, you will be working with us.
In the largest swimming stadium in the Netherlands!

After a start and a turning point you are allowed to swim under water for 15 metres during a swimming competition. Swimmers then use the dolphin kick technique, also called butterfly stroke. At InnoSportLab de Tongelreep we use our camera system, drag system and bubble system to research the best technique for the butterfly kick technique for both back swimmers and breast crawl swimmers. Do you find biomechanics and flow theory interesting and do you like to do measurements and research with people? Then contact us quickly!

Skills: fluid science and biomechanics

Contact us by sending an email to