Ten years ago, InnoSportLab de Tongelreep started with a small crew and just a few cameras above the water to capture the starting movement of a swimmer. There was a lot to improve back then but you always have to start somewhere…
Nowadays, we’re working in a multifunctional swimming pool with more than 25 underwater cameras, 4 regular cameras above the water, and a bunch of other measuring systems for all different concepts of swimming. Together with our professional team, many top swimmers have already made great improvements and achievements. But that’s not all… The small crew that started 10 years ago has slightly changed. Today we are a great group of employees and interns focused on reaching the company’s goals.

Mission & vision

We have built an environment where sport, technology, and business go hand in hand, beneficiating from one another. Together, we have created a wonderful environment in form of a high-level swimming-pool laboratory.
Our systems and services are pioneers in the field, the latest technology and expertise together to measure performances in the water and give the most precise technical-feedback in order to reach every improvement possible.
We are currently applicating this to swimmers, coaches, and devices.


Our swimming pool was specifically designed for high-level training purposes. It may look like a regular 50m four lanes swimming pool from above the water… but taking a closer look, you will find out we are using up to 25 cameras and a bunch of underwater hardware which make our swimming pool probably the most advanced in the world.
In order to be able to measure every aspect of swimming and the influence of the water, we had to develop specific software which didn’t exist back then and so use the hardware we have installed. This software was originally created and it still is improved by the specialist in biomechanics, so we are sure it perfectly fits the proposes.

This might sound too good to be true… but all these systems mean nothing without our embedded scientist and coaching experience. It is necessary a deep understanding of the human body and a lot of experience using the systems to get to know where you can reach the most important improvement, translating the science into practice and our staff will do this for you.
In order to complete the best training, our partner and neighbor CTO provides a similar service but applied to traditional static training outside of the water.


    DRS. ROALD VAN DER VLIET Directeur – Bewegingswetenschapper - Docent lichamelijke opvoeding / Ondernemer / International officer EU / Business development / Zakelijk advies / Coaching / Didactiek / Management.
    SANDER SCHREVEN, MSC. Senior bewegingswetenschapper - IT-programmeur - Promovendus biomechanica / validatie onderzoek / programmeren en software ontwikkeling / sensoriek
    CARLO VAN DER HEIJDEN, MSC. Office manager – Embedded Scientist - Bewegingswetenschapper / Data analyse / Student begeleiding
    AYLIN POST, MSC. Bewegingswetenschapper - Talent ontwikkeling / Talent identificatie / Statistische analyse
    ALJA HUIBERS Bewegingswetenschapper – Fysiotherapeut - Paralympisch zwemmen / Sport medische ondersteuning / Motorisch leren / Didactiek
    PAUL KOSTER Bewegingswetenschapper – Bewegingstechnoloog - Promovendus Biomechanica / Data-management en analyse / IT programmeur en software ontwikkelen.
  • Pim van Hedel
    Pim van Hedel Sportkundige - Communicatie / Marketing / Business development / Training & coaching
    DEMIAN KORTEKAAS Bewegingstechnoloog - Programmeren / Prototyping / Technologie ontwikkelen
  • Prof. dr. Peter Beek
    Prof. dr. Peter Beek Hoofdonderzoeker – Coördinator onderzoekslijnen, Zijn expertise ligt op het terrein van bewegingssturing en motorisch leren


Innovating is often hard… But this challenge can be a little bit easier to achieve when you have the right partners. Thank you so much for your trust and commitment, thanks for innovating with us!


InnoSportLab de Tongelreep is part of the Sportinnovator network

Sportinnovator is the programme for sport innovation and research funded by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The programme aims to increase the effectiveness of sport innovations and contribute to a more vital society. In a nationwide network of 15 Sportinnovator-centres government, scientists, sportprofessionals and businesses join forces to realise cutting-edge innovations designed to improve results both within professional as well as recreational sports. The network also aims to encourage people to adopt a more active lifestyle. The development of Sport Data Valley contributes to these goals as well. The Sportinnovator programme is led by the Topteam Sport and is supported by ZonMw and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.


Young talent is a key factor in our work-flow.
Our laboratory gathers young enthusiastic professional students who help us to carry out our daily work, develop new systems while finishing their studies in a wonderful surrounding. And so, this work-flow allowed us to grow enough to deal up to 30/40 students a year, many of them international students, plus 2-6 PhDs and our regular workers.
Our office has become a place where fresh ideas and open-minded people are all over around, and this makes the difference not only for our developments and services but also for the nice daily living in the lab.
For the students, is also an added value to finish their thesis/studies surrounded by pro swimming teams, international and young people and professionals in their fields in a quite demanding but committed place. For us, it is totally a pleasure to work and help to self-develop the new professionals of the world.

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