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Perfecting strokes – 3D analysis with the Dutch sprinter elite

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Perfecting strokes – 3D analysis with the Dutch sprinter elite

The morning session of this Wednesday was highlighted by a group of Dutch elite sprinters working on their strokes with the 3D stroke analysis system of InnoSportLab. The focus was mostly on collecting data, which is only the start of the process, continuing with the analysis and implementation of the results later.

The groundbreaking technology of 3D stroke analysis, provided by InnoSportLab de Tongelreep, can be a significant difference maker in top swimming. The system consists of six underwater cameras from different angles, which produce a 3D image of the swimmers’ stroke. To track the stroke automatically the software also needs the help of led lights applied to the hands of the swimmers. 

The system makes it possible to create a database of more than 100 strokes of a swimmer to compare them to each other. The results from the tests come in the forms of graphs and huge databases to be analyzed by Sander Schreven, Paul Koster and their colleagues from the Lab. As Paul stated, the system is constantly being improved, carrying great potential for further results and analysis in the future.

The training session was led by Patrick Pearson, coach of the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation, who explained that they recorded the strokes of different speeds with and without breathing. Having focused on sprints with the athletes they will be able to find differences in their strokes in different intensities.

He is hoping to find out how each swimmer of the group – consisting of current olympians and the generation of the future – can improve on their strokes with this unique system from InnoSportLab de Tongelreep, gaining advantage in the world of swimming in order to reach the best results possible.

Photos & text: Bertalan Pusztai

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